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BSCAH’s Urban Farm Central is New York’s first virtual meeting place for NYS anti hunger urban farmers and community leaders interested in the topic. Urban Farm Central captures, organizes and houses examples of best practices related to urban farming in hopes of helping more leaders see it as a viable option for ending hunger amongst the poor.
You might be surprised to learn that the BSCAH Urban Farm has been active all through the winter! We have twelve hens, and the four mature birds have been laying eggs for several months now. The younger members of the flock just started laying, too, providing even more fresh eggs for distributing to our pantry customers. There is also still a lot of green on our Urban Farm. Kale and collard plants are growing. Winter rye, which looks like a mat of verdant grass, is covering two garden beds to protect the soil from eroding and losing its minerals and nutrients. Most importantly, we have continued to produce compost. The pantry is always receiving deliveries of fresh produce, and rather than letting anything go to waste, we use the spoiled fruits and vegetables to make highly nutritious soil for the garden. We even add the chicken droppings to further enhance the nutrient value, integrating all of our garden activities in a sustainable cycle! We will use this soil for planting lots of veggies in the spring. Everything from rotten tomatoes to bruised apples will be used to grow more fresh, sustainable, and healthy food for our pantry customers and our community. We are also developing another 8,000 square-foot plot of land for a garden expansion. This will greatly increase the impact of our garden, yielding a larger harvest and bringing the message of health and sustainability to many more of our neighbors.


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Featured Farmer

Profiles of urban farmers sharing lessons learned in their journey towards harvesting in the city.

East New York Farms Project mission is to organize youth and adults to address food justice in our community. They do this by promoting local sustainable agriculture and community-led economic development. East New York Farms! is a project of the United Community Centers in partnership with local residents.

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The Row Show

Best practices in gardening highlighted in blogs, videos and other teaching tools.

BLOG: Growing Vegetables in Containers by Judith Hamilton
Container vegetable gardens are a great alternative for those that don’t have access to backyards. There can be a range of reasons to grow your vegetables in containers…easy access to the kitchen, safer environments for children and the handicapped or just lack of a yard to use for gardening.

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Soul food can be HEALTHY FOOD. Users of Urban Farms share their favorite specialties.

Garlic Rosemary Chicken
This delicious rosemary garlic chicken recipe is done in under 20 minutes. Garlic and rosemary are such flavorful spices and add a lot of taste to any dish.

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