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About the Event

Mock Shop is an imitation pantry shopping experience. This event consists of allowing our friends and supporters to step into the lives of our clients for 15-minutes. The twist is that every item selected by our Mock Shop shoppers is representative of a case. (One box of cereal would represent one case which costs $18) Not only does the Mock Shop raise needed funds for the organization, but it does so while bringing heightened awareness to the dignified way in which Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger interacts with underserved and marginalized people.

The SuperPantry at Bed-Stuy Campaign Against Hunger is the first of its kind in Brooklyn. Clients are given points in each of the major food groups from which they can self-select from the varied items, brands and types of food on the shelves. Prior to BSCAH pioneering this client-choice model, pantry users were often given pre-packed bags of food that may or may not have been in line with their culture and diet restrictions. BSCAH on the other hand offers healthy items that reflect an attitude of eating to live. The premise is that just because people can’t afford to purchase their own groceries doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be offered quality items.

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